Privacy Policy here means that what rules or policies we follow or endorse to handle the private information of our customers, and visitors.

First, understand this, when we use the term “We” it means that we are

So how do we receive or collect information on this site – It’s simple, through the contact form or people who write to us through email! Secondly comments. (This is it as far as we know and understand)

Now how do we use this private information of our customers or visitors – We use their information only to communicate with them!

Is Private Information of Visitors or Customers Safe? – YES! Please read the cases below –

Case 1: People who contact us – We keep this information completely private and safe, and only use their information to communicate with them!

Case 2: People Who Comment on Blog Posts – This is obvious that they might write anything in comments or leave their contact information in the comments, as it’s a third party interest, so do we not hold any responsibility for their information.

Our General Interest – Our general tendency or interest lies in the favor and safety of our customers or visitors, we also try to keep their information safe and private. But still, some customers or visitors might not use the correct method or say appropriate ways to communicate with us, and this is where we are not responsible for any information loss.